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Sunday, May 26, 2024

METEOR Shooting Star 575

Another classic from METEOR!  This is the Shooting Star unit which is a clone of the Clay Paky Astroraggi unit.  This unit features a central 120 volt, 575 watt lamp as the power source.  The unit has a large dome with many turrets attached to make the unique effect.  There is a smaller dome inside that rotates with holes in it that rotates making the effect.  As a hole in the internal dome matches up with a turret it allows light to come through and as it rotates fast you get beams coming out of different turrets at different times making a strobing style effect.  There is a fan mounted in the base for cooling of the lamp.  The fixture has 2 separate circuits.  1 for the fan & light and the other is for the rotating internal dome.  This allow the light to be operated separately from the motor. This way you can flash the lamp without damaging the rotation motor.  Unit made in the USA.  

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