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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sapro Sunray Units Black Version

Another great one from Sapro!  This is the Sun Ray unit (Black Version).  There is also a chrome version from Sapro. (see other posts for information on that unit).  The fixture features a central 36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamp that produces a ton of light (and heat).  The lamp along with the large black ball rotate at 6 RPM from a high quality Crouzet gear head motor usually but these units have been retrofitted with 6 RPM Dayton motors.  The unit is quite heavy as the base has the very large transformer and motor housed inside.  In addition the ball is made from thick gauge metal.  We were lucky to find one of these new in the box and the other was slightly used but in great condition.  Fantastic classic units made in France.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Lampo Wheeler Disk Unit

Great classic unit from Lampo!  This is the wheeler disk unit.  There were 2 different versions of this fixture.  Single and double disk units.  This is the double as it has 2 large saucers.  The single disk unit only had 1.  

Each disk has 10 small Osram 12 volt, 20 watt 41900 aluminum MR16 bulbs wired in series and mounted on the perimeter.  Originally there was a dedicated step down transformer for each lamp head but we re-worked the unit and made all 20 lamps in series.  Both transformers were removed and now the unit is much lighter.  1 transformer went bad so instead of replacing / rewinding it removal made more sense.  There are 20 neon indicators (1 for each lamp) to let the operator know when a bulb goes out.  It is a life saver as testing each bulb would be a major task to do every time a bulb goes out.  

Each disk is rotated from a dedicated Crouzet gear head motor mounted inside.  The discs rotate opposite each other making a cool contra rotating effect.  The saucers are rotated from a side Crouzet gear head motor and finally the complete assembly spins 360 degrees from another Crouzet base motor.  The effect is similar to a Satel Kum unit but has much smaller beams and lower power consumption.  Originally the lamps were on separate circuits but with the rewiring the head rotation motors are now separate.  The unit has a total of 5 channels.  1 for the base motor.  1 for the tumble motor.  1 for the lamps and 1 for each saucer head.  

Unit was a bit beat up and in poor condition when received but we have cleaned it up and made it look great again!  Awesome unit made in Italy.