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Thursday, November 25, 2010

VEI V-9747 Flamethrower

Since I could Not find a Disco Tech Fire Disc I found the next best thing. This is a VEI Flamethrower unit. It is actually made by Superstar Lighting, but VEI imported it and slapped their name on it. It is the official knockoff!! Very cool unit that has a rotating base and an adjustable rotating head attached to it. The output is awesome from the multi-colored beams spinning and rotating at the same time. The only thing that sucks is that it only has 1 circuit. That means you can only have everything on or off at the same time. I wish there was separate circuits for the motors and lamp. Lamp is a standard 64514 - 120 volt, 300 watt bulb. Unit made in Taiwan.

VEI Flamethrower Video

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lightwave Research (High End Systems) Multiray Units

Nice set of Lightwave Research (Now High End Systems) Multiray units. Fixtures have a 120 volt, 750 watt lamp or 120 volt, 625 watt BVE lamp that is located in the rear of the unit. The light is reflected off of the mirror on the rear of the unit and then emmitted out the front of the unit out 8 seperate lenses. The lenses can be colored with gels or with special color lenses that were optional when these unit were produced. These look great on a chaser unit. Unit made here in the US.

Coemar Spartan

I picked up 3 of these classic units in good condition. These Coemar Spartans are very large and put out a ton of light! They feature a 750 watt, 120 volt quartz bulb at the rear of the unit that shines out of the special front lens and creates 8 special beams of light. Units come clear (white), but can be gelled by removing the front metal gel holder and placing the colors behind it. Unit is a static projector which means that it does not move, just makes shafts of light. Great on a chaser! Units made in Italy.

Kremesa Star

Very Rare Kremesa Star unit. Unit is a harvester type bar with 12 bulbs that rotate at 60 RPM on the center axis and rotate on a tilt axis 6 RPM then rotate on the main base at 20 RPM. The output is awesome and truly amazing. The bulbs are 12 volt, 50 watt Halostar lamps that replaced the original 6 volt, 30 watt lamps. This unit has been modified from its original factory settings. In the original unit there was a 120 volt stepping down to 72 volt transformer in the unit that was removed and bypassed. Higher wattage 12 volt bulbs were added to create a similar effect without the transformer. Also this unit came originally with the side motor (Tumble)that was 24 volt variable speed for added control and speed adjustable. The controller went bad and a regular 120 volt motor was added. Controller is currently being repaired so the switches and fuses can still be utilized. This unit uses 4 separate control circuits so you can control the unit through a standard relay pack. 3 for the motors and 1 for the lamps. Fixture is missing the cover on the spinning motor (Donations welcome! HA!) so you can see the 60 RPM Kelvin motor. Connections were jumped so testing could be performed. Zip ties and styrofoam blocks kept the unit stable during shipping. Zip ties are in the pictures still. Unit made in Spain.

Martin Synchrozap QX250

Awesome light from Martin!! This is a Synchrozap QX250 unit. The fixture features a MSD250 arc lamp at the rear of the unit that shoots through a special beam funnel that focuses through the gobo wheel then into a convex lens. The beam then goes through a dichroric wheel and another convex lens. The final output is split through a set of mirrors then onto the set of rotating mirrored drums. The drums are offset a little so as the beams move from left to right they also move up and down. Unit uses 6 channels of DMX or Martin Protocol. Channel 1 is for the lamp strike / Shutter commands. Channel 2 is for the color wheel and channel 3 is for the gobo wheel. Channels 4 and 5 are for the mirror drums and channel 6 activates the sound to motion and synchronization of the mirror drums. Unit has 6 motors. 1 for the cooling fan and 5 steppers for the color wheel, gobo wheel, shutter and each mirror drum. Unit is built like a tank and weighs quite a bit. Unit made in Denmark.

Martin RoboZap QX25o Video