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Saturday, March 27, 2021

F.A.L. Quasar 10 Units PF 077

A great pair of lighting units from f.a.l.!  These are the Quasar units that feature 10 X Philips 13 volt, 100 watt 4007 sealed beam par 46 lamps.  What is unique about these lamps are they were originally used on farm tractors and other applications so they have a dual filament.  With their original use they would use one filament for low beams and both for high (100 watts low & 200 watts high).  This lets you run them at 200 watts (2000 total) or 100 watts (1000 total) with all lamps lit.  If you choose to use a single filament then when one burns out then just swap the lead and you have a new bulb basically.  All lamps are wired in series so one lamp goes out they all go out.  I plan to add neon indicators to the unit so faulty lamps can be easily located.  The rotation motors are super high quality Elettrovago from Italy.  The side is a Mod.330N.  I am not sure what the base motor is as it has a large gearbox that covers the model number.  These motors are actually 220 volt so f.a.l. added a small step down transformer in the base so they will run at 110 volts.  It was much easier than locating and sourcing a different motor.  There were 2 versions of this unit made.  The difference was the lamp options.  This one is par 46 and the other was par 56.  The 56 allowed lamps from 100 to 300 watts to be installed.  I could only imaging the 300 watt version as total lamp output would be 3,000 watts and creating a ton of heat!  These units also feature removeable mounting trays for simplified mounting / installation.  These great units were made in Italy. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Programmi Sistemi Luce Luce (PSL) Storm Unit

Another great unit from Programmi Sistemi Luce (PSL).  This is the Storm unit that features 8 X 12 volt, 50 watt AR111 aluminum lamps mounted in a round configuration.  Inside the unit are the control PCB's that act as a 4 channel chaser.  There is an onboard microphone that can be used as the trigger source (sound) or you can connect to an external 0 - 10 volt analogue controller for operation.  There is also a sensitivity knob to control the microphone and speed control adjustment for a slow to fast trigger response.  The 4 channel chaser works on the motors and lamps.  Each lamp is wired to the corresponding lamp that is 180 degrees on the other side of the unit.  In addition the rotation mirrors are wired to the lamp circuits.  The effect is spinning and chasing of beams of light.  The unit is very heavy as it has dedicated transformers for each lamp (8 total) plus made from very high quality metal.  Up to 8 units can be linked together for master / slave operation.  Great unit made in Italy!