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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Coemar Comet MSR400

Spectacular unit from Coemar!  This is the Comet 400 (Not to be confused with the Coemar Comet 36 classic unit).  The light fixture has 2 separate components.  The main light assembly where the effect comes from and a ballast assembly.  The ballast assembly contains the 400 watt ballast, step down transformer for the electronics and power correction capacitors / filters.  The assembly has a fan for cooling, carrying handles and connection umbilical to the lamp head.  Connection is made by a 10 pin Harting connector.  The projection head features a MSR 400 SA (Short Arc) 400 watt, 54 volt lamp mounted in the center of the base.  Mounted around the lamp is a dimmer / strobe assembly.  The assembly has a dedicated stepper for movement.  Light projects from the base through 7 convex lenses where there are 7 mirrors mounted on steppers and 7 special effect mirror assemblies.  Total of 15 steppers are used for operation.  4 of the mirror assemblies have multi-colored dichoric glass pieces mounted to them and the other 3 have standard silver mirrors for a white light effect.  The large mirrors move to pre-programmed steps and provide most of the units effect.  The mirror dishes constantly rotate opposite of the dish next to it.  The unit will work in standalone mode (triggered from an onboard microphone and sound activation circuit), DMX 512 (5 Channels for operation) and 0 -10 volt analogue.  The effects is awesome and can be customized by adding dichoric filters in dedicated slots in front of the convex lenses.  Unit made in Italy.