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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Coemar Multi Tunnel Units

Classic projectors from Coemar.  These are the Multi Tunnel units that look just like to common Spartan units (Use the same aluminum chassis) but have a different front lens assembly.  The Spartan units have solid plastic lenses across the front and these have 10 smaller round glass lenses.  The beams are smaller and more concentrated.  The lamp source is a common 120 volt, 750 watt 6880P bulb.  You can also use the 120 volt, 800 watt Roundlux lamp as well.  These look awesome on a chaser.  Great fixtures made in Italy.

Coemar Strobe Light 700

Classic Strobe unit from Coemar.  This is the Strobe Light 700 model that features a Philips XOP 7OF - 52 volt, 750 watt linear tube producing a super bright blinding light output.  The flash rate is adjustable with a potentiometer located on the rear of the unit.  External control of the unit can be accomplished by using the 1/4" connection terminal on the rear next to the onboard speed control.  It appears Coemar only made these units in 22 volt versions so that is why this unit includes an external transformer box to boost the US 110 voltage to 220 volts.  Connection between the transformer and the strobe head is connected with a Harting 4 pin connection.  Unit is constructed from super light and versatile aluminum with a protective mesh to protect the lamp in case of something striking the unit.  Very cool unit made in Italy.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

t.a.s. Mini-Multipoint Effect Unit

Classic mini unit from t.a.s.  This is the mini-multipoint which is the tiny version of its larger brother the standard multipoint.  The unit features a 24 volt, 150 watt FCS lamp in the front of the unit.  Located behind the lamp are 2 separate mirror assemblies.   The rear one is a standard clear / white dish and in located front of it is 3 arms of dichoric glass.  The rear assembly is free-floating and the motor is connected to the front assembly. The dishes rotate to the beat of the music and all controls are located on the rear of the unit.  The output is mostly white beams of light with same streaks of color spinning to the beat of the music.  Adjustments for speed sensitivity can be adjusted.  Unit is fan cooled and built super strong.  Fixture made in Italy.