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Thursday, September 22, 2016

f.a.l. Condor Unit (Round Version) PF 440

Another great from f.a.l.!  This is the Condor unit with the capsule lamp version.  This unit produces round beams of light which is different from my other Condor which produces a flat beam due to different (linear) bulb.  You can see that unit here Link.  This unit features 2 X 36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamps that are super bright!  The bulbs rotate to the beat of the music from the on board microphone.  Additional control is also available from the 1/4" plug on the rear of the unit.  A unique feature of this unit is the way the bulbs are positioned and the positioning of 4 slits cut into baffles to block / direct the beams of light.  The 6 colored lenses in the front of the unit is where the light emits from and the output is spectacular!  The exterior is great with sleek designed sheet metal (Like many other f.a.l. units) and but like a tank!  Weight is quite a bit due to the large 72 volt transformer.  Great fixture made in Italy!