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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nisel Interceptor

Super Rare UFO unit made by Nisel. This unit uses 10 individual 12 volt, 20 watt Osram 49100 SP bulbs. The original bulbs were Osram 41905 SP, but they are discontinued. These are the cross reference bulbs. Neon indicators are featured on the head so trouble shooting a faulty bulb is easy. All of the bulbs are wired in series creating 120 volts and a large step down transformer is in the base so they will run on 220/230 volts. Unfortunately all of the motors are 220/230 volts and all of the circuits share a common neutral for power so the transformer has to stay. This unit is 220/230 volt operation so a step up transformer or direct input is required for operation here in the US. Fixture has 4 separate circuits so each motor and lamps can be controlled independently. The base and lamp head rotation motors are 30 RPM and the tumble motor is 5 RPM. All motors are made by Crouzet of France. Entire unit made in Italy.

Nisel Interceptor Video

Show Pro Paloma Unit

Very cool light from Show Pro. Show Pro is another brand under NESS. This very cool unit is similar to the American DJ Phaser, but has colored mirrors instead of the common clear (white). The unit has 2 X 120 volt, 300 watt 64514 halogen lamps that sit in front of two rotating mirrored dishes that only have mirrors on about 3/4 of the dish. The mirrored dishes rotate opposite of each other to the beat of the music via an internal microphone or optional 1/4" audio plug on the rear of the unit. Unique light output!! Unit made in Taiwan.

Show Pro Paloma Video

American DJ Barrel Ray Unit

One of the original rotating mirror drum units!! Before all of the common mirrored drum units you see today there was these primitive units produced. This is circa 1993 classic!! The unit has a common 12 volt, 100 watt EFP projection bulb at the rear that projects through a dichoric 12 position color wheel and a single convex lens then onto the drum. The color wheel can be turned on and off by the switch on the rear of the unit. The mirrored drum and the color wheel are sound active on this unit. Great output and very rare unit!! Another treasure that was still new in the box!! Unit was produced here in the US!!

Video of the American DJ Barrel Ray Light Unit

Optec Sound Flower Unit

Another classic moonflower effect from optec. Optec is another brand that was under NESS here in the US. This classic moonflower unit has a very large multi-color dish that rotates to the beat of the music via an internal microphone. A direct input via 1/4" connector on the rear of the unit can also be used for a more accurate sound trigger. The lamp source is a common 120 volt, 300 watt 64514 bulb. Very sharp optics from the front of the unit cause a very crisp output. Unit made here in the US. There is a discoloration which looks like someone spilled something on it, but it wont come off after cleaning the unit. Will probably get a new paint job soon!!