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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clay Paky Light Gun Units

This is a very nice set of Clay Paky Light Gun units. Units have a constantly rotating wheel that makes the projection different. 1 has a color wheel and the other has a "space" looking black wheel with round spot where there is no black paint. Units use a 24 volt, 150 watt FCS bulb that shoots through a convex lens, through the rotating wheel then out the long barrel through another convex lens then onto the projection surface. The units are fan cooled and have a 24 volt connector on the front for attachments. The unit with the attachments on the front is named Magic Ray. With no attachment it is just the Light Gun. There is a red switch on the rear of the unit that acts like a dimmer. 1 position is full power and once activated it dims the bulb down. Input power is 220 volts. Units are made in Italy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Kremesa B60/2G Cosmos Ball

Great unit from Kremesa!  The fixture features a whopping 20 - 6 volt, 30 watt Par 36 4515 sealed beam lamps projecting an amazing powerful 600 watts of light power   The ball contains 20 lamps and a 20 RPM side Kelvin motor.  In addition there is another Kelvin top motor.  Effect is a rotating and spinning ball with a ton of beams projecting from it.  Unit made in Spain.

Pictures from when the ball was cleaned and holes were drilled for the neon indicators. This unit was modified from the original. In the original setup the unit had the neon bulbs built into the bulb cups and did not use the 4515 - 6 volt, 30 watt bulbs that this one does. The original used 6 volt, 35 watt Osram Halostar lamps in a special housing. The special Kremesa heads were not with the unit when purchased, so a little modification was needed.

The original Kremesa lamp housing

Ball as it looked originally as arrived...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

F.A.L. Coloursweep PF 535

Check out this beauty! This is a F.A.L. Coloursweep unit. This is the exact same unit as the Colourplus PF 548, but adds a scan head to the top of the unit. Unit uses a high power 120 volt, 800 watt HX-185 Roundlux lamp that creates a distinct horseshoe shape projected from the unit. Inside the Coloursweep there are 2 separate rotational motors that move opposite directions from each other. Attached to the front dish is a wheel with dichro lenses on it and the other has dichro mirrors attached to it. The effect is tons of different colors produced moving in different directions. Unit has 5 motors. 1 for each rotation motor, 1 for tilt, 1 for pan and 1 for the cooling fan. The light also features 2 separate power cords the the motion motors and fan can run continuously and the bulb can be controlled separately. Unit is sound active which means that it moves to the beat of the music. The sound is picked up through a microphone on the rear of the unit and also will accept a 1/4" connection from an audio source. Unit made in Italy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

LyteQuest Alien UFO Unit

Very rare unit from LyteQuest. Unit features 3 rotation motors and a central 500 watt linear bulb. Unit has been torn down as it was super dirty as you can see in the picture. The main drive motor uses 2 rubber belts to move the central yolk. They were dry rotted when I received the light. They were replaced and unit torn down and rebuilt. Check out the video of the unit running!! Awesome!! Unit made in Russia!

LyteQuest Alien Video

09/24/2010 Update: Rubber polycord belts installed! Unit ready to be put back together! Thanks to George with the help on these!

08/30/2010 Update: Saucer rebuilt and cleaned up. Just waiting on belt replacement in order to reassemble base.

The tear down:

Unit as it was received: