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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

ETA Systems Fluorostrobe Unit


Super unique unit from ETA Systems.  This is the Fluorostrobe unit that uses a standard 4 foot 40 watt Philips flourescent tube and changes the output from a standard blacklight to a blacklight strobe light.  The unit can also run as a standard blacklight if desired.  There is a selector switch that puts the light into strobe mode and an adjustment knob for the flash rate.  These were produced in the 90's and I do not think many were produced.  Unit is made very well with thick gauge metal and acrylic front protector.  Great unit made in the US!  

ProgramSistem (PSL) Cobra Unit

Classic unit from ProgramSistem!  This is the Cobra unit that features 2 X 24 volt, 150 watt FCS lamps that rotate to the beat of the music. The output is similar to a derby effect but has less lenses.  The lenses come colored by gels but can be removed for white or different gels can be added for different colors.  The rotation movement is triggered from an on board sound circuit making the high quality Micro Motor spin the lamp assembly.  A cool feature of this unit is the 2 lamps have the ability to add gobos in front of them.  The fixture is built very well and is heavy.  Super high quality unit made in Italy.