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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unknown Manufacturer Double Frisbee Light

This is a very large and heavy light. This is a direct copy of a F.A.L. Twinflower PF 518. If anyone has any additional info please post up. Unit has constantly rotating large dichoric wheels with green, red, orange and yellow colors on it with 2 - 36 volt, 400 watt EVD bulbs in front of the wheels. The light then goes out 2 large convex lenses onto mirrors that swivel and spin. The spin function is controlled via an internal microphone so it responds to the beat of the music. Unit can also be controlled 0 - 10 volt analogue through a 1/4" plug on the top of the unit. Fixture has 8 motors on it. 2 AC motors for the constantly rotating dichoric mirrored dishes, 2 DC motors for the swivel of the mirrors, 2 DC motors for the spinning of the mirrors and 2 for the cooling fans. Unit made in China. This unit is currently for sale!! I posted up the F.A.L. brochure so you can see how similar the 2 units are.

Friday, March 26, 2010

LyteQuest Dancing Strobe

Very unique light! This is a Lytequest Dancing Strobe. Unit is not complete. When I received the unit it was revealed that the strobe rotating shutter and motor were taken from the unit. It still functions great without the strobe function, but not as cool. Unit has a 250 watt, 120 volt bulb on the rear which projects through 2 stacked lenses then onto a rotating drum with colored glass on it. Pretty cool effect. Unit has 2 motors. 1 for the rotating glass wheel and 1 for the cooling fan. Missing the 3rd for the strobe shutter. Unit made in Taiwan.

LyteQuest Dancing Strobe Video

American DJ Hypermoon

This is an American DJ Hypermoon. One of the older AMDJ lights. Similar to the Martin Magic Moon, but on this unit it has a constant rotating clear mirror dish. The front dichoric prism is sound active. This unit uses the common 24 volt, 250 watt bulb. Fixture has 3 motors. 1 for the rotating dichoric prism, 1 for the mirrored dish & 1 for the cooling fan. Unit made in ????

American DJ Hyper-Moon Video

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Satel FG-245 (Imperial Marcher)

This is a very cool unit. This is a Satel FG-245 a/k/a the Imperial Marcher. Unit has 2 par 56 - 100 watt GE 4545 lamps that move up and down 180 degrees in opposite directions. This makes 2 dual scanning beams of light that "March". Unit has 1 high quality Crouzet motor that is attached to a large transmission that moves the lamps 180 degrees apart. Unit has 1 circuit for motor and 1 for the lamps lamps.  This gives the ability to put the lamps on a chaser without damaging the motor.   Unit is made in Spain.

Satel FG-245 Imperial Marcher Video

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Martin Magic Moon

Another unit from the D.J Series from Martin...The Magic Moon. Unit uses a 24 volt, 250 watt EHJ bulb that has a rotating mirror dish behind it. The light reflects off the mirror dish, through a convex lens, onto a rotating dichoric mirrored prism then off a few stationary mirrors then out from the unit. The mirror dish and dichoric prism are sound activated from an internal microphone. Unique effect unit! Unit has 3 motors. 1 for the rotating prism, 1 for the mirror dish and 1 for the cooling fan. Fixture made in Denmark.

Martin Sweeper

This is another classic from Martin! From the D.J. series this is a Sweeper unit. Very similar to the Abstract Rave unit. I just got this one in and it realy needs a cleaning!! Unit has a 120 volt, 100 watt EFP lamp on each end that project from each side onto a spinning dichoric glass prism in thde center. Thed prism is sound active and is triggered from a michophone on one one end of the light. The output is a super fast changing crazy beams of light! Unit has 3 motors. 1 for the rotation mirror and 2 for the cooling fans. Fixture made in Denmark. Unit is currently for sale!!