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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meteor K-100 Projection System

Classic projection system from Meteor.  This is the K-100 which is similar to the Optikinetcs projectors in both size and type of effect.   The attachments and wheels are interchangeable with either manufacturer.  The unit uses a common 12 volt, 100 watt capsule lamp in the center of the unit with a high velocity fan above for cooling.  The light emits through a convex lens then through a rotating wheel.  From the rotating wheel is goes through a long focusing lens which is adjustable for focusing purposes.  The output is a kaleidoscope style projection.  The unit has adjustable settings from the switch on the rear to make the lamp full brightness or at a reduced rate (Dim).  There is a 12 volt DC power connector on the side for accessories.  Currently this unit has a rotating 4 facet prism attached to it.  Many different attachments are available.  The rotation motors for the prism and effect wheel are super high quality Crouzet units from France.  This unit was manufactured in England. 




Friday, June 13, 2014

Multiform Multiphase 412 Controller

Classic Controller from Multiform!  This is the Multiphase 412 chase controller.  Unit has 16 internal patterns that cycle or remain on a specific pattern depending on how you have the unit set.  The unit can be triggered from an external source through a 1/4" plug on the rear or run automatically.  Connection to the lighting units it through a Bulgin style connector or can be connected to relay / dimmer packs through a 8 pin connector.  There are 2 settings for the unit - full on or half brightness (Dim).  Each channel can be bypassed from chasing to be turned on constantly since each channel has a static or chase function.  Great unit circa 1984!  Made in England. 





Tuesday, June 10, 2014

T.A.S. / Coemar / Cyber Tech Synchro Digital Units

Awesome units from t.a.s. / Coemar / Cyber Tech.  These are the Synchro Digital units.  The units use a 95 volt, 575 watt double ended discharge lamp in the center that emits out to 8 central focusing lenses.  From the lenses the beams hit mirrors attached to high quality Moons steppers moving the beams in and out.  Also attached to the center of the unit are constantly rotating mirrored dishes attached to smaller Moons steppers creating a great reflective surface for broken up effects.  In addition there is a constantly rotating dichoric carousel that changes the beams multiple colors. 

A dedicated controller lets the units cycle through 50 different programs and audio input from the rear lets the units bounce beams to the beat of the music.  DMX operation can also be archived by hooking the signal to the rear of the controller.  If a controller is not present 0 - 10 volt analogue can be used to control the unit through the 1/4" connector on the rear of the units.  Connection of the controller to the units is by 1/4" Stereo (3 Conductor) cable. 

Awesome units made in Italy!  Full feature video of all of the programs coming soon!    Thanks to Andre