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Monday, June 29, 2015

Show Pro (NESS) Diva

Another great one from Show Pro (NESS)! This is the Diva unit.  Very similar to a Martin Magic Moon or AMDJ Hypermoon.  This unit when originally produced was available in 2 versions - 36 volt, 400 watt EVD (Which this unit is) or 575 watt discharge lamp.  The unit has a sound active circuit located on the underside of the unit which triggers the rotating dichoric prism on the front and the rotating mirrored dish. A sensitivity knob on the rear adjusts haw the unit reacts to the music in the room.  There are 2 caps on the rear that show where the remote controlled shutter unit would have been connected if this unit had the discharge lamp option. Unit is pretty heavy due to the large transformer and heavy gauge steel construction.  Great unit made in the US!    

Sunday, June 14, 2015

f.a.l. Condor Unit (Flat Version) PF 440?

Another great unit from f.a.l.!  This is the Condor unit.  It features 1 X 240 volt (or 110 volt if changed out) 500 watt linear lamp that rotates on a single shaft powered from a high quality Micro Motor.  The unit is rated up to 1,000 watt lamp but that is overkill unless you are in a large club or room.  The motor rotates to the sound of the music via a microphone mounted on the chassis.  Remote control can also be used through the 1/4" plug on the rear.  The output is 6 X colored flat beams of light rotating in the air.  Separate power cords are located on the rear so the motor and lamp circuits can be operated independently.  Unit made in Italy!

f.a.l. Moving Ventaglio PF 130

Great Classic from f.a.l.!  This is the Ventaglio unit which features a 24 volt, 250 watt HLX lamp housed in a metal casing with 5 large convex lenses in the front.  The housing oscillates back and forth making beams of light that sweep back and forth. In addition to the 5 large lenses there are 4 holes cut between the lenses making 4 additional beams of light (9 total).  There were other versions of this unit including the static version and a color changing version as well!  Awesome unit made in Italy!