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Monday, February 28, 2011

Rotolite 3 Head Helicopter Units

These are the classics here!! Circa 1978 - 1979!! These units are really from the disco era!! There is a single power cord that operates the lamps and rotation motor. These units actually take a bit to get up to speed. It's amusing to see them start slow and get up to speed after a few seconds. The unit is actually a piece of plywood with 3 individual pin spots bolted to it. Each lamp has its own transformer and power switch. The base unit only has a single power circuit so there is actually a power tap used to connect all of the pin spot power cords together. Very primitive!! Units made here in the US. I have a 6 head version coming soon that actually has an adjustable speed control!! There units are for sale!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

LyteQuest LQ-441 Prism 4 Units

Video of LyteQuest LQ-441 Prism 4 Unit

Cool little units from LyteQuest. These are Prism 4 units. Each unit has a group of 4 rotating gobos with dichoric filters built in. All gobos/dichros constantly rotate from a central motor. A secondary motor that has a small shaft attached that moves the main wheel 90 degrees about every 10 seconds to make a different gobo/dichoric wheel sit in front of the light source. There is a switch on the rear of the unit that allows the gobo selection to be turned on and off. This allows the same gobo to be used at all times. The light source is a common 120 volt, 250 watt ENH lamp. The light sits at the rear of the unit and goes through a convex lens assembly then through what ever gobo/dichro is in front of the source. The light then emits out of a special front lens that split the beam into 3 separate beams. One of the cool things it that the way the unit opens. The frame with a 2 door design it is easy to change out the bulbs and gobos. Truly a unique light unit! Fixtures made in China.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pulsar Programmable Touch Panel II Controller

Great touch panel from Pulsar. These were also sold in the US from High End Systems (Lightwave Research) as the Touch Dimmer 12. The controller can be connected to Pulsar and other manufacturers dimmer and relay packs for control. The unit can also connect to many other controllers and used as a remote trigger (Example: connect to a High End / Lightwave Research Intallabeam controller to trigger cues and effects from the remote). This unit also lets you program chases and other types of cues for your light show. Unit made in England.

Kreluz 10 Head Helicopter Unit

Awesome helicopter rotator from Kreluz! Unit has 10 lamp sockets (No lamps yet) for 12 volt pin spot bulbs. 8 on the outside ring and another 2 on the inner central cap. Very cool unit with dual circuits. This means the lamps and the motor can be operated separately from each other. More pictures and video coming soon (Pending the lamps!!) Fixture has a separate removable mounting plate for easy installation. Unit made in Spain.

Video of the Kreluz 10 Head Helicopter Unit

NESS Flamingo

Interesting unit from NESS. This unit features a sound active rotating dichoric pyramid inside the unit that moves to the beat of the music. This makes a unique output similar to a Clay Paky Astroraggi, but is able to change color. The light shoots out of the "spikes" on the surface of the dome. The lamp source is a common 120 volt, 300 watt 64514 bulb. Unit is fan cooled and includes a separate mounting plate for easy installation. Unit made in Taiwan.

NESS Flamingo Video

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Diversitronics TL-4 Chase Controller

Classic chaser from Diversitronics. This unit is circa 1987 and still running strong!! Unit has 4 output channels. Units have to be directly wired into the unit. This was mostly used for the classic chaser strips and banks of pin spots. 16 different chase patterns selectable from the front plate as well as speed, audio and other features available from the controller. A total of 900 watts can be connected to each channel. Truly a classic!!