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Monday, May 27, 2019

LiteLab LCE-884 Smart Advantage Controllers

Awesome Controllers from LiteLab!  These are the Smart Advantage controllers that feature a ton of programming options for LiteLab control systems.  This allows programming of shows including multiple steps, color organ functions, direction of chase control, touch control functions and flipping / swapping of output channels.  In addition it adds bump or 'flash' options to all channels or individual channels.  This ties into the system using a standard flat ribbon cable that is used is all LiteLab systems.  Great unit made in the USA. 

LiteLab Perfect Advantage Controller

Great add on controller from LiteLab.  This is the perfect advantage controller.  This is a 'Add On' piece for LiteLab chaser systems.  It connects directly into the LiteLab driver pack or if a matrix chase system is being used it connects into the logic controller.  Connection is through a flat ribbon style connector and cable.  This unit simply adds dim control of the 8 output channels individually.  With the standard LiteLab controllers there is usually only a master dim for all channels.  This adds more flexibility to the system.  Great controller made in the USA.  

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sapro MS-10 Helicopter Units

Classic helicopter units from Sapro!  These are the MS-10 units that feature 10 X 12 volt 4405 par 36 - 30 watt bulbs.  The bulbs are all wired in series to create the 120 volts needed for operation.  Unfortunately with the wiring if 1 bulb goes out they all go out.  I am planning on adding neon indicator fault lamps in the future to make trouble shooting the lamps easier.  The units rotate at 30 RPM by a common Dayton motor.  This creates an awesome spectacle of spinning light.  Gels can be added for coloration.  Great units made in France!