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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rotolite D-12 Chrome Helicopter Units

Great Classic helicopters from Rotolite!  These units are rare D-12 Chrome helicopters.  Each unit features 12 - 6 volt, 30 watt par 36 mounted on a huge metal disc.  Each bulb has its own dedicated transformer so if 1 lamp goes out the rest still stay illuminated.  The base motor features a very cool 'Slip' feature that allows the motor to come up to speed before the platter is moving in full motion.  This helps by eliminating torque problems that might weaken or break other similar motors in comparable units.  Separate power circuits for lamps and motor for better control.  Awesome units made in the US!    

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lumitrol 8004 Chase Controller

Another great controller from Lumitrol. This is the 8004 chaser which features 4 channels of controlled output with a maximum of 10 amps per channel (40 Amps total if connected to a full 40 amp breaker).  Simple operation through the push buttons on the left of the controller and speed / rate controls through the adjustable pots on the right.  4 LED's show the output and sound chasing is provided from the 1/4" connection on the rear.  Great unit made in the US. 

Lumitrol 10 Channel Chase Controller

Another Great chase controller from Lumitrol.  This is the 10 channel chaser which features multiple chase patterns with variable speed and directions.  Connection to the unit is through direct wiring(internally) via a connection strip.  Unit can run manually or sound active through a 1/4" connection on the rear.  Great unit made in the US. 




Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meteor ABC Controller

Great classic controller from Meteor!  This is the ABC controller which features 3 separate zones of control (Alpha, Beta Gama) that are sequenced together to produce 3 synchronized 4 channel output.  !, 2 3 or zero channels can be used all at the same time.  The controller has 16 different patterns that change randomly and the pattern is reflected on the 3 zone output.  Each zone has manual (bump) control for the entire group of channels or each channel individually.  Sound input is capable through the 1/4" connection on the rear of the unit.  Sound and sensitivity are adjustable per the 2 knobs on the front of the unit.  Great unit made here in the US!



Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lumitrol 4 Channel Chaser With GL-3 Zoner

Great Chaser / Zoner from Lumitrol.  You can use this unit as a simple chaser, zoner, color organ or dimmer.  The unit features 4 Edison sockets or 5 pin mini-midi outputput.  The 5 pin mini-midi connects to additional (separate) zoner GL-3 pack.  From the zoner the control goes to dedicated dimmer / relay packs.  Sound to light can be accomplished by using the 1/4" audio connection on the rear.  Great controller / zoner system made in the US.