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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Satel FG-32 Chrome Par 56 Spinners

Great units from Satel!  These are the FG-32 360 degree spinners.  Each unit has a 12 volt, 100 watt Par 56 GE 4545 lamp mounted on a metal cup. The metal cup is connected to a large base which holds a large transformer for the lamp and a Crouzet 60 RPM gear head motor.  The head rotates at 60 RPM making a great large beam of light rotating around the room.  Adjustable heads let the beams have a small rotation span or large beacon like effects.  Chrome exterior for the classic disco look. Units made in Spain.

Satel FG-5 Chrome 120 Degree Par 56 Oscillators

Great units from Satel!  These are the FG-5 Par 56 Oscillators.  Each unit has a very large GE 12 volt, 100 watt 4545 sealed beam lamp mounted to a large cup on top of a motorized base.  Inside of the base is a large 12 volt transformer for the lamp and a Crouzet motor with a special linkage which makes the lamp head scan back and forth 120 degrees.  The fixture comes with dual circuits so the lamps and motor can be controlled separately.  A chrome exterior makes the units have a great retro look.  Made in Spain.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kreluz 3 Head Jumbo Helicopter

A great helicopter from Kreluz!  This is a jumbo 3 head unit that features 3 X 40 volt, 150 watt capsule lamps wired in series mounted in Coemar Par 46 aluminum cups.  These make a very large sealed beam of light that rotate at 60 RPM from a base Crouzet gear motor.  The unfortunate problem with this unit is that the lamps used are no longer produced.  If you are able to locate them they are very costly.  A 36 volt transformer will be added at a later time so the 12 volt, 150 watt FCS lamps can be used.  Separate power and fuses for both lamps and motor make this unit versatile.  Great unit from Spain!

Satel Yiti-4 Chrome Edition Helicopter

Another simple / classic effect from Satel.  This is the Yiti-4 ultra rare chrome edition helicopter.  Many of the Yiti units are still around but the chrome units are very rare.  The unit features 6 X 6 volt, 30 watt GE 4515 lamps wired in series.  They are powered from a large transformer located in the base on the unit.  The unit rotates at 60 RPM from a standard Crouzet gear head motor.  Currently this unit is wired as 1 circuit but can be separated into 2 for control of the lamps and motor separately.  Fixture made in Spain.