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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Optikinetics Solar 250 Classic Projector Units

Classic units from Optikinetics!  These are the Solar 250 projectors.  These are the classic versions from the 80's.  Optikinetics still manufactures these units but in a much more updated sleek looking model.  Each unit features a central 24 volt, 250 watt EHJ capsule bulb that projects through a set of focusing convex lenses  then out to a final focusing lens.  The unis is just a raw projector but the magic comes from the attachments you add to the fixture.  There a tons of different optional effects such as color wheels, graphic wheels, effect wheels, psychedelic cassettes, sound animators, wheel rotators, cassette rotators, prism lenses, prism rotators / spinners, mirrors and many other similar effects.  These get mounted in the slot between lenses or on the front of the unit.  Multiple effects can be used in conjunction at the same time for some truly spectacular light effects.  The units are fan cooled and have a thermal trip cutoff in cased the units get too hot.  Very cool units made in England.