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Saturday, October 31, 2020

ProgramSistem (PSL) / Daffy Systems Mini - Meteor Rotating Strobe

Super Unique strobe from ProgramSistem (PSL) / Daffy Systems.  Originally I thought this was a Sapro unit but with further research I found it is a unit from PSL.  This is the Mini - Meteor strobe unit that features a 1000 watt linear strobe tube mounted vertically to a central metal shaft.  Around the strobe is a half-dome reflector that rotates around the strobe tube.  There is a side pot that controls the flash rate of the tube.  The output is super bright flashes that move around the room like a beacon.  Unfortunately the front glass piece was not included with the unit when I received it but still works fine.  There was an optional remote control unit for the unit that let the user control the flash rate / intensity and speed and direction of the motorized dome.  This unit did not come with that but I am looking for one.  If anyone happens to have a controller for this unit please reach out to us.  Great unit made in Italy.  

Nisel Rotomax 4

Another classic from Nisel!  This is the Rotomax 4 unit that is very similar to the Rotax unit they produced in later years.  This is the first generation scan bar that Nisel produced.  The difference is that this unit has a larger base to hold the motor assembly.  The later Rotax models had the motor located on the end instead of underneith the light heads.  The heads use a 24 volt, 70 watt H-3 lamp (standard automotive), but can be changed for 35, 55 or even 100 watt versions. The heads are custom from Nisel and even have the name in the glass fronts. The lamps lock in through a special clip on the rear of the lamp housing. I split off the motor from the lamp circuit for additional control of the unit.  Nisel also made these in 2, 6 and 10 lamp versions. Unit made in Italy. 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Programmi Sistemi Luce (PSL) Panic MK1 Version

Classic unit from PSL!!  This a Panic MKI Version from PSL.  I was very happy to pick up these great classic units.  I did not know there was a different version until this one arrived.  It is a bit different from the MKII version units but the design is pretty much the same.  This unit features a 120 volt, 500 watt EHA lamp set in front of a constantly rotating whiter dual cone mirror dish.  The dish rotates at around 60 RPM from a high quality Micro Motor.  The spinning dual cones of light shoot through a very large convex lens then onto 4 separate colored sound active spinning mirrors powered by super high quality Micro Motors.  The mirrors react to sound from an onboard microphone / sound PCB located behind the spinning mirrors,  The output is 4 large spinning dual cones of multicolor light that move around a large area.  The 2 main differences are the bulb and where the colors are located.  This one has 4 different colored mirrors and the MKII version has 4 different colors located on the constantly spinning internal mirrored wheel.  Great unit made in Italy!!