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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Lampo Frullo (Round Version)

Great one from Lampo!  This is a Frullo (Flat Beam Version) rotating mirror drum light. Unit has an single 36 volt, 400 watt EVD capsule bulb that is in the center of the unit. The light emits through a special box with rectangular slots cut into it. Once the light goes out of the box it is projected out 4 rectangle convex lenses at the end of the central unit. From there the light reflects off 1 of the 4 rotating mirror drums. Control is from a PCB mounted on the side of the chassis.  This is one of 3 versions of this model.  There is also a flat beam version which uses a linear stick lamp (Here is a link to that unit Lampo Frullo Flat Beam Version  and a discharge lamp version that uses a rare SN250 arc lamp.  Unit comes white (clear), but can be gelled for desired color.  Made in Italy. 

Disco Tech Zet 4 Unit

Another unique unit from Disco Tech.  This is the Zet 4 unit that features a 15 volt, 150 watt EFR MR-16 lamp as the light source located in the rear of the unit. The light shoots through a 12 position gobo / dichro wheel (that is sound active) and then through a convex lens and then finally onto a split sound active mirror assembly.  This creates the magical beam effect.  The split mirror assembly moves the light onto the 4 mirrors on the perimeter of the front of the unit making a expending / contracting beam effect.  Very cool unit made in Poland.