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Friday, September 7, 2012

Griven Manta

A truly amazing lighting effect! This is the Manta from Griven. The unit uses a linear 95 volt, 575 watt HMI lamp producing great vibrant colors. The lamp is located in the center of the unit and has a 4 color dichoric wheel powered by a DC motor that revolves around it. The light is projected from 5 large convex lenses that are mounted in an 120 degree arc from the base unit. Focused light projects through the lenses and reflects off of 5 double sided mirror assemblies. Each assembly has a flat mirror on one side and a cluster of mirrors on the opposite side. Each mirror assembly has a dedicated DC motor for rotation so it can be controlled separately. Lastly there are 5 round mirrored clusters at the top of the unit that each have a DC motor attached for even more effects. The unit can be controlled 3 different ways. Mode 1 is using the onboard microphone it will react to the sound in the room. Mode 2 is using a direct audio source via a ¼” plug in the rear it will react to music. Mode 3 uses a 0 – 10 volt signal to trigger the internal programs. This unit is circa 1991 and was before many units used DMX 512 and stepper motors. This is why it uses 11 DC Micro Motors for movement. Unfortunately there is not manual control over each motor. All movements are triggered from the pre-programmed PCB inside the unit. A unique feature of this unit (and other Griven units) is that there is a protective cage around all of the mirrors and rotating parts that are exposed. You can see this in the pictures. Fixture is 220 volt operation only. Unit made in Italy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Diversitronics ELS-4 Lighting Controller

Super RARE lighting controller from Diversitronics.  This is the ELS-4 (Entertainment Lighting System) which is used in conjunction with the DP-4M and DP-4RSU dimmer packs.  This makes a similar effect such as LiteLab's chase and dance floor units.  This unit has 4 channel output, but expandable for 4 X 4 X 4 matrix control with the DP-4M dimmers.  As you can see in the pictures you can chase forward, backwards, and, with audio input from the rear it will respond to the beat of the music with a color organ effect.  Manual control over each channel is through the faders and manual control bump buttons.   Very cool unit made here in the US!