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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Optec (NESS) Synchrobot HP Scanner System

Classic first generation scanning system from Optec!  These are the Synchrobot HP scanners with dedicated controller.  The Synchrobot units were available as standard or HP.  The HP is the 'High Power' version.  The standard units use a halogen lamp and the HP units use a high power HTI-150 discharge lamp.  Since the unit features a discharge lamp the unit has a mechanical shutter / douser for blackout & strobe function.   Each unit features 11 dichoric colors plus white and 12 gobos.  All motors used are super high quality Micro motors from Italy.  The controller is very simple to operate and you can control up to 16 Synchrobot units with 1 controller.  Units are quite heavy due to the ballast / ignitor system in each unit.  Connection from the controller to the units is through a common 9 pin computer cable.  Great system made in the US!


American DJ Duet

Another great unit from American DJ.  This is the duet high power projection fixture. The unit features a very bright 120 volt, 600 watt DYS lamp positioned in the center with a large dichoric glass drum that rotates around the lamp.  Currently the drum and motor are still in the unit but the previous owner removed the dichoric pieces so the colors are not present.  The light shoots through the drum (if it were present) then through a very large optical focusing class lens then through a constantly rotating gobo (Sun gobo installed currently).  The light then goes through an adjustable focusing convex lens and onto a rotating mirror.  The rotating dichoric drum and both rotating mirrors are sound active through a sound circuit located in the rear of the unit and microphone located on the top of the unit.  A high velocity fan on the rear keeps the unit cool.  Classic unit made in Taiwan.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Programmi Sistemi Luce (PSL) Panic Units MKII Versions

Very unique units from PSL!!  These are the Panic MKII units from PSL.  I was very happy to pick up these great classic units.  I ended up with 3 but only 2 were present when the photos were taken.  Each unit features a standard 24 volt, 250 watt lamp set in front of a constantly rotating 4 color - dual cone mirror dish.  The dish rotates at around 60 RPM from a high quality PSL motor.  The spinning dual cones of light shoot through a very large convex lens then onto 4 separate sound active spinning mirrors.  The mirrors react to sound from an onboard microphone / sound PCB located behind the spinning mirrors,  The output is 4 large spinning dual cones of multicolor light that move around a large area.  There is also a MKI version that features a 120 volt, 500 watt EHA lamp with double the power and has colored mirrors on the outside mirrors and the mirrored dish inside is all white / clear.  Also the MKI uses the super high quality Micro Motors from Italy.  Great units made in Italy!!