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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

ProgramSistem (PSL) Carosuel 24 Unit

Giant centerpiece unit from ProgramSistem (PSL)!  This is the Carousel 24 unit that features 24 X 6 volt, 20 watt 64250 (FHE / ESB) bulbs (Originally Thorn M34 but these are a bit cheaper to replace and fit great) mounted on the large half dome unit.  The bulbs are located inside of a custom PSL housing similar to the Kremesa Spotlux housings.  They are aluminum cups with a glass cover and a small metal cup to focus the light beam.  With only 20 watts of power it is surprising how much light this unit outputs.  The bulbs are wired into 6 separate circuits.  4 bulbs on each circuit.  The unit chases the channels making a very cool space ship looking effect.  Currently the unit is white but adding color gels is easy to do for each bulb assembly.  PSL also made these in a standard par 36 model (4515) and also a super Carosuel with 100 watt bulbs.  There is also a smaller version that has 16 bulbs instead of the 24 that this one has.  This unit needed a lot of repair when it arrived.  The previous owner rewired some of the bulbs and some of the channels were blown out.  We removed all of the incorrect wiring and rewired the unit.  Most of the bulbs needed to be replace as well.  We are now happy with the end result.  This unit will be good to go for many years to come.  We have plans to add a rotation base and possibly add external control of the light channels.  Great unit made in Italy.