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Monday, December 31, 2018

Times Square 4 X 500M Lighting Controller

Great classic controller from Times Square Lighting.  This is the 4 X 500M controller that features 4 output channels with a capacity of 500 watts per channel.  Total capacity is 2,000 watts for the unit.  This unis is usually used with the classic light strips (with 9 or 14 watt bulbs) or also used with neon, par cans, pin spots and other lighting units.  Chase can be manual or sound active if an audio source is connected to the rear of the unit via RCA style connector.  Many different patterns are selectable with the center knob and each channel can be selected to off - on or connected to the chase mode with the 4 separate channels with 3-way switches.  Ste audio sensitivity and chase speed can be controlled with the 2 large knobs on the right side of the unit.  Great controller made in the USA.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Lampo Astro 2 UFO Unit

Classic UFO unit from Lampo!  This is the Astro 2 unit that features a central 120 volt, 500 watt JCS bulb located inside of the UFO disk.  The disk tumble rotation is at 6 RPM from a high quality motor.  In addition to the rotating disk there is an additional motor that spins the saucer assembly at 30 RPM.  The effect is spinning and tumbling beams of light.  The unit has 3 separate circuits.  1 for the lamp and 1 for each motor.  This gives the operator the option to control all perimeters of the unit for more output options.  There were other units from Lampo that added an additional base motor making a true 3 axis UFO and also different lamp / lens combinations for beam output variations. Great unit made in Italy. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

LiteLab L-4040 Mini Color Controller

Compact, yet powerful unit from LiteLab.  This is the L-4040 Mini Color Controller that features 4 separate output channels.  Each channel has a capacity of 500 watts with a total of 2,000 watts total.  Output can be from the 4 Edison connectors on the rear of the unit or direct wiring with connectors on the inside of the unit.  Audio triggering can be achieved by connecting an audio source to the terminal connectors on the rear of the unit.  There are adjustments for the speed of chasing, audio sensitivity and power output (dim).   Direction of the chase and patterns can also be changed.  This unit was only used a few times and even came in the original box!  Very cool unit made in the US. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Kremesa CR-20L Tree Lights

Great classic units from Kremesa!  These are the CR-20L Tree Light units.  Each unit features 20 - 6 volt, 30 watt Par 36 GE 4515 bulbs wired in series on a central square metal shaft.  (6 volt, 35 watt AR111 Bulbs can also be used).  There are 4 separate columns of 5 lamps mounted 90 degrees off each other.  The bulbs can be adjusted up and down and also colored by using gels for different effects.  The bulb unit attaches to a top rotating motor assembly with quick connect terminals.  Inside the motor assembly there is a high quality Crouzet 20 RPM motor and all of the slip ring assemblies for power transfer. The lamp and motor are on separate circuits to they can be operated separately.  Another cool feature is that you can connect the lamp bars together to make an even longer 40 lamp version.  The output is spinning beams of light in the air.  Similar to a harvester unit but mounted vertical.  Units made in Spain,