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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Kreluz Tornado 'Tree Light' Unit

Classic 'Tree Light' style unit from Kreluz.  The unit is similar to the Kremesa CR-20L units but this one is built much better and sturdier.  The unit features 20 - GE 4515 6 volt, 30 watt 4515 bulbs mounted in 4 columns of 5 bulbs - 90 degrees off from each other.  This creates the single lamp circuit for control.  The unit can also be fitted with GE 12 volt, 30 watt 4505 bulbs for 2 channel lamp circuit operation.  The unit rotates at 40 RPM from a super high quality Crouzet gear head motor.  The fixture has separate circuits for the lamps and motor so the lamps can be run with or without the motor running and also the unit can be put on a chaser without damaging the motor assembly.  The unit also features a removable mounting plate for easier ceiling installation.  Great unit made in Spain!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Meteor 4 Head Sweeper Bar

Classic unit from Meteor.  This is the 4 head sweeper unit that features 4 X 6 volt, 30 watt GE 4515 lamps that are mounted on a central bar and move up and down at a slow 6 RPM from a synchronous motor mounded in the base of the unit.  The lamps are wired together in series to make the 24 volts needed to operate.  Unfortunately with this setup if 1 bulb goes out they all go out.  Each lamp is fully adjustable so with the spacing between the bulbs it can create a large spread effect.  Unit features a removable base tray to make mounting the unit easy.  Great unit made here in the US. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Disco Tech Zorro Unit

Another classic projector from Disco Tech!  This is the Zorro unit that features a central 12 volt, 100 watt EFP bulb that projects through a sound active dichoric color wheel.  Then through a set of convex lenses then out to a sound active rotating dual sided mirrored assembly.  This makes the beams then rotate off of the 4 stationary mirrors mounted on the perimeter of the front exterior of the unit.  The effect is colored beams of light that expand and contract as they spin around the room.  Compact yet powerful unit made in Poland.