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Monday, October 8, 2018

T.A.S. Duetto

Cool scanning fixture from T.A.S. This is the Duetto unit which is the smaller version of the Duo MSR 700 larger unit from Coemar.  This unit features 2 X 120 volt, 250 watt ENH bulbs mounted in the center of the unit back to back.  The light projects from the bulbs then through a dichro / gobo wheel.  The wheels consists of 10 different gobo / dichro combinations/  From there the light passes through a shutter assembly (used for strobing / blackout) then through a large focusable convex lens.  From there a sharp edge beam is projected onto a set of scanning mirrors that move the multi-colored beams in a scanner like manor.  Very cool effect!  The unit con be operated DMX, 0 - 10 volt analogue and sound to light via on-board microphone.  Unit operates on 6 channels.  Channel 1 is right scanner motor.  Channel 2 is left scanner motor.  Channel 3 is the right gobo / dichro wheel.  Channel 4 is the left gobo / dichro wheel.  Channel 5 is the channel for the shutters and chanel 6 if for the lamps.  Truly awesome unit made in Italy.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Exciting Lighting MX 2 Controller

Classic lighting controller from Exciting Lighting.  This is the MX 2 unit that features 4 output channels that go to separate dimmer packs for operation.  Similar to the LiteLab systems from back in the day.  This system is a chaser / dimmer and color organ all bundled into one unit.  Classic unit made in the US.