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Sunday, August 28, 2011

American DJ FAN 800

Another classic from American DJ. This is the FAN 800 unit. The unit features a linear 120 volt, 500 watt FDF lamp that rotates to the beat of the music. The output is 8 "Flat" beams of white light tumbling in the air. American DJ also made the FAN 800-C which featured colored lenses on the front of the unit instead of clear. Unit made in China.

Video of the American DJ FAN 800 Flat Beam Unit

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spektronic BrokenSwing Unit

Awesome unit from Spektronic!! This is the BrokenSwing high energy lighting unit. The unit features a rotating mirror dish inside the unit and a rotating dichoric prism on the front of the unit. The unit uses high quality stepper motors instead of standard motors. This gives you smoother rotation and adjustable speeds of rotation. On the rear of the unit there are 2 adjustment knobs. One is for the sound sensitivity adjustment and the second is for the program selection. There are different settings for how the unit responds. You can have the internal mirror motor react differently than the prism motor. Also you can turn off one of the motors or have one of the motors move slower than the other motor. The biggest draw for this unit is the front design of the projection head. The light emits from the front convex lens after it has projected off of the mirror dish. It then reflects off of the rotating dichoric prism and onto the angled mirrors. The output is a high energy whirlwind of color and motion. Lamp is the common 24 volt, 250 watt EVC halogen. Unit is 220 volt. Fixture made in Germany.

Video of the Spektronic BrokenSwing Unit

Elation EL-1502 Duo-Track Unit

Very unique lighting unit from Elation. This is the EL-1502 Duo-Track dual scanner unit. The fixture has 2 X 82 volt, 250 watt EXY lamps that are mounted back to back projecting 2 beams of light that go through a convex lens, through a rotating gobo/dichoric wheel then onto a scanning mirror. The effect wheel has 12 different gobos/dichros that can be set to change a a constant rate, manual selection from the optional remote (EL-1500/C which I do not have), or switch on the rear or the unit. Each side has a x-scanner that scans the beam left and right to the beat of the music creating a dazzling dual scanning light show. The modular design of the unit is great as you can pull the entire projection unit out from the chassis. This makes repair much easier than many other light units. Currently the scanning mirrors are in bad condition and will need to be replaced. Very cool unit made in China.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Optec SoundMars Moonflower Unit

Great unit from Optec (NESS). This unit features 2 X 120 volt, 300 watt 64514 lamps that rotate to the beat of the music. On the front of the unit there are 6 different colored lenses where the beams of light emit from. The output is spinning beams of light rotating to the beat of the music. A very cool function of this unit is that there is a selector switch on the rear of the unit which allows single or dual bulb operation. Great unit made in Taiwan.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Superstar Dual UFO Unit

It is AWESOME!! Similar to a Clay Paky Astrodisco, but adds an additional UFO head. This unit features 2 separate rotating saucers that move in opposite directions at a very fast speed (around 40 RPM), a 6 RPM tumble motor and a 6 RPM base motor. The unit has been built with separate circuits for the lamps, tumble motor, base motor and spin motors (the 2 spin motors are on the same circuit). The original lamps have been upgraded to 120 volt, 300 watt 64514 halogen bulbs. I am not sure what the original bulbs were, but the transformer is still in the base where the lamp circuit used to be connected to. From the age of the unit and size of the transformer I would assume that the original bulbs were 24 volt 250 or 150 watt halogen. Not sure where the unit is made, but I think it is either China or Japan since that is where the motors for the unit were made.

Video of the Unknown Manufacturer Dual UFO Unit