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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Meteor Super Liteflower Units

Classic moonflower units from Meteor!  These are the Super Liteflower units that features a central 12 volt, 100 watt FCR capsule lamp as the light source.  The bulb sits in the top part of the unit and does not have a cooling fan but rather a thermostat has been installed to prevent overheating.  The top head also features a rotating mirror dish that is triggered from an audio source that can be connected to the unit via RCA connectors on the rear of the base assembly.  Also located in the base are the PCB's that control the unit and also the transformer and oscillator motor.  Thu oscillator feature is a bit strange as it only moves back and forth a small amount.  Not 90 or 120 degrees light many of the other units.  Located on the front is an additional motor where an optional color wheel can be connected.  Currently these are running without the wheels.  Unique units made in the US. 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Programmi Sistemi Luce (PSL) Delirium Unit

Awesome unit from Programmi Sistemi Luce (PSL)!  This is the Delirium high power projection unit.  The unit features a double ended 95 volt, 575 watt Osram MSR discharge lamp located in the center of the unit.  The lamp produces a pure white light source which is perfect for the super rich dichoric colors this unit has.  How this unit works is inside the unit there is metal strip and metal dish with dichoric glass mounted to them.  They rotate in different directions at various speeds making a super unique pattern of multi-colored light.  The light then is projected onto 4 small mirrors that rotate to the beat of the music.  Mirrors are triggered from an onboard microphone and sound circuit located behind the mirror assembly.  The unit is very heavy due to the thick metal construction and large lamp ballast. 

The unit includes a wired remote control that has a knob the changes the way the dichoric strip / dish reacts.  In addition there is a switch that operates the lamp douser.  The douser and motors for the dichoric parts are super high quality Micro Motors and the rotation and the mirrors use high quality CDC motors.  A total of 8 motors are inside this unit.  Awesome unit made in Italy.