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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

LAMPO Krypthon 2

A classic unit from Lampo.  This is a Krypthon 2 UFO / Saucer unit.  Lampo and LED Lighting made many versions of these units. They were made with 2 or 3 motors, constant speed and variable speed as well as many different lens and lamp combinations.  The variable speed units utilized a dedicated controller for lamp intensity and speed of the rotation motors.  This Krypthon is a 2 motor adjustable speed unit.  Unfortunately I am missing the dedicated controller so it will require some modification to run from its current state.  The 2 rotation motors are 24 volt DC so transformers and rectifiers will need to be added to operate the motors.  Since the unit came from England the lamp used is a 220 volt, 500 watt linear, but I changed it out to a 120 volt, 500 watt linear lamp to work on US voltage.  The unit uses 14 different colored convex lenses around the perimeter of the saucer to make 14 “Flat” beams that rotate around the room.  Super high quality unit that is built like a tank!  More pictures to come as the motor control conversion is accomplished.  Unit made in Italy.