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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sapro Thriller UFO Unit

Another awesome unit from Sapro!  This is the thriller UFO! It is a bit different than conventional UFO units as the center does not have a rotating saucer but a rotating mirrored pyramid.  It features a 28 volt, 250 watt Aircraft Landing lamp (ACL) mounted in a housing that projects onto the pyramid. The mirrors are screen printed for colors (This was well before dichorics were the standard).  The mirrored pyramid rotates at 30 RPM, the tumble rotates at 6 RPM and the base rotates at 20 RPM.  All motors are super high quality Crouzet from France.  The unit feature a ring of  dowsers to keep the light from bleeding through.  Separate circuits for each motor and lamp circuits (4 total).  Unit made in France.


Obvious f/x (Meteor) Pirata

Another great unit from Obvious f/x!  This is the Pirata unit which features a single 120 volt, 250 watt ENH lamp located in a housing with fan cooling.  The light projects from the bulb then through a convex lens for focusing.  From the lens onto a sound active rotating dichoric prism.  The prism has mirrored pieces behind it creating crisscrossing beams of multi-colored beams projection out of the unit.  Great unit made in the US!