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Sunday, August 19, 2018

American DJ Megadroid HMI 575

Gigantic Centerpiece from American DJ.  This is the Megadoid HMI 575 centerpiece unit.  It is by far HUGE to say the least!  This is the clone of the Griven Helios unit.  The unit has a central HMI 575 discharge bulb in the base of the unit producing a great amount of light.  The light shoots out of 8 convex lenses mounted around the lamp. The light beams then hits 8 arms each consisting of 1 x dichoric glass reflector and mirror.  This moves the beam of light in and out as an expanding and contracting motion.  The beams can hit the dichoric glass then shoot a colored beam of light or bypass and hit the mirror creating a white / clear beam of light or both.  In addition to the beams of light moving in and out there is a constantly rotating mirror drum on the bottom and an additional 8 sound active rotating glass mirrors that the beams of light can project off of.  Control of the unit is 0 - 10 volt analogue that brings up the internal programs and the 8 round mirrors constantly rotate to the beat of the music from an on-board mic with sound adjustment pot for sensitivity.  The original controller unfortunately has gone missing from the original owner - It was a small box that had an adjustment knob for the programs and a blackout button.  A few cool features of the unit are that the mirror drum comes off with 4 simple wing nuts, a hinged base for easy bulb replacement, a hinged door for access the the PCB electronics and each of the 8 arms are detachable.  4 set screws and a quick release for the power wires and they come off.  The unit is awesome to see in action!  Unit made in Taiwan.