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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pulsar 1/2/4/8 Channel Rainbow Strobe / Chaser System With Maxi Strobes

Another great strobe system from Pulsar.  This is the 1/2/4/8 Channel Rainbow Strobe / Chaser System including Pulsar Maxi strobe units.  This version of the Rainbow controller is the next generation from Pulsar.  The original Rainbow controller was only 4 channel and much less sophisticated.  This unit is made to work with 1, 2, 4 or 8 strobes or you can use it as a 1, 2, 4 or 8 channel chaser if you connect the 8 pin outputs to a Pulsar dimmer / relay pack.  This system is best configured with 8 strobes (or lighting units if you are using it as a chaser) either in a straight line or in a square.  If being used in the square configuration the output of the channels can be set to chase in a circle, side to side, corner to corner and other patterns.  If being used in the line configuration the pattern output is left to right, 2 at a time chasing, 3 at a time chasing and other unique patterns.  All of the chases can be manually triggered or sound active triggered through the 1/4" audio input on the rear.  Output to the strobes is through 1/4" connectors on the rear.  Awesome system made in England. 





Programmi Sistemi Luce (PSL) Autoscan System

Another first generation scan system from PSL.  This is the Autoscan system.  This system here consists of 4 heads but as many or few heads can be used in any setting.  Each head operates from an internal sound active circuit.  The light source is a common 120 volt, 250 watt ENH line voltage lamp that is cooled from a Crouzet cooling fan.  The light shines from the lamp through a reducer (Small hole in the sheet metal) then through a 12 selection gobo / dichro wheel.  From the gobo wheel through a convex lens then onto the scan mirror.  The heads use Micro Motors for pan and tilt of the mirror instead of digital steppers in modern units.  The units run independently with no external movement control.  The only function that can be remote controlled is the gobo / dichro wheel.  The fixtures have an 3-way switch that allows for manual gobo / dichro selection, automatic selection (Changes about every 10 seconds) or no selection where the current gobo / dichro remains in the projection spot.  The remote function allows the 3 way switch options to be controlled from a PSL controller such as the Autocontroller 4.  There was a later model from PSL that added DMX 512 to the units but it was years later.  Great classic units made in Italy.