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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Meteor Sonascaner Units

Classic units from Meteor.  These are the Sonascaner units.  Each unit has a 6 volt, 35 watt AR111 Par 36 lamp housed at the end of a long extension piece.  Classic 6 volt, 30 watt 4515 glass lamps can also be used.  The light projects from the lamp onto a rotating mirror contained at the base.  The motor rotation is triggered from an external audio source and connection is through a single RCA style plug. Additional units can be connected together for synchronous movement.  The scanner motor is a very high quality Swiss SAIA synchronous motor which makes very smooth movement.  Simple but very effective units. These style units were very common in clubs and bars in the late 80's and early 90's and many manufactures produced similar units.  Great compact units made in the US.

Lumitrol 6004A Chase Controller

Great little controller from Lumitrol.  This is the 6004A chase controller.  Compact unit that features 4 channels of output and an additional smaller output (reference rear panel) that connects 4 channel rope lights.  Cool feature is you can chase rope light and other lighting in sync.  The controller features an audio connection on the rear via 1/4" connector.  The audio can trigger the unit and also the unit can chase on its own with no external connection. The output can be a standard chase, audio chase, forward chase, reverse chase and dark chase.  The large knobs on the front of the unit adjust the level of audio and the speed of the chase output.  The unit has a bit of oxidization but works perfectly.  Great unit made in the US.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tri Lite LR-4 Helicopter Units

Cool helicopter units from Tri Lite (Tripp Lite).  These are the LR-4 units that feature 4 x 6 volt, 30 watt GE 4515 bulbs mounted on a rotating metal plate.  Located on the plate are 4 separate adjustable  heads that allow many angles and positions of the bulbs.  The heads rotate at the same speed as a Mark XII beacon (Approximately 40 RPM) as they use the same base plate and motor / belt assembly.  These classic units are tough and will run almost forever.  Great units made in the US.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Kremesa CR 8 / 8 Contra Helicopter Units

Huge and spectacular units from Kremesa! These are the CR 8/8 Contra helicopter units.  Each unit has 2 separate 8 head helicopter units mounted one on top of the other.  Total of 16 - 6 volt, 30 watt 4515 Par 36 bulbs are on each unit.  For a bit more power and longer life lamps the AR111 Halostar bulbs can be used.  A smaller ring of lamps is located on top and a larger ring of bulbs are located on the bottom.  Both of the rings rotate in opposite directions making a really cool effect!  The base unit contains 2 large 48 volt transformers that power each ring of bulbs.  The base also contains the motor that rotates both rings.  The motor is a high quality Kelvin motor that is mounted on it's side.  As the motor spins it moves a larger shaft one direction and another smaller internal shaft opposite direction.  It is a pretty neat design.  Unit has 3 separate circuits.  1 for the motor and 1 for each lamp circuit 2 total).  Units are very heavy due to the transformers and high quality steel constructions.  They also feature a removable tray that the main unit slides into.  This makes mounting the unit much easier.  Fixtures made in Spain.