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Sunday, December 31, 2017

NESS Lambada Unit

Great unit from NESS!  This is the Lambada unit.  Been searching for one of these for years since I saw one when I was much younger.  The fixture features a 36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamp that sits in a very unique rotating cup assembly.  The cup has holes cut into it with discoric glass installed in the holes.  The cup is sound active and rotates to the bass frequencies from an onboard microphone.  0 - 10 volt operation is also available from the 1/4" plug on the rear.  There are metal fins that separate the light as it fires to the lenses on the front of the unit creating a randoms firing of light from the front.  Light unit has 2 fans as the 400 watt lamp puts out a ton of heat.  It is built very well and weighs quite a bit.  Made in Taiwan.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Studio Due Baby Moon

Another classic moonflower from Studio Due.  This is the Baby Moon unit that features a 24 volt, 150 watt lamp set in front of a clear (white) mirror dish.  The dish is sound active and triggered from an on-board microphone from an internal PCB.  Output is a tunnel of white light that rotates to the beat of the music.  Unit can be colored with a front slot where gel can be added.  This unit came with a red acrylic color piece for making the unit colored.  There is also a 1/4" connector on the side of the fixture for 0 - 10 volt analogue control.  If you notice the mirrored dish you will see a unique pattern with the mirrors.  They are spaced apart and not directly mounted next to another mirror like most other units.  A cool option for these units is there was an optional sound active scan mirror attachment that could be added to the end of the fixture for an additional effect.  Also a master / slave model where the units could be connected for synchronized rotation.  Cool unit made in Italy!


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Novalight Zig Zag Units

Truly awesome units from La Novalight!  These are the Zig Zag units.  Each giant unit has a special strobe tube mounted in the front and center of the unit.  The strobe reflects off of a very large convex mirror that has an X and Y axis.  The convex mirror movement comes from a Micro Motor mounted in the rear of the unit connected to a long spring.  It is a very unique design!  Units can be used independently, linked master / slave for synchronized movement / flashing or triggered from a external 0 - 10 volt analogue controller.  The output is a concentrated beam of strobe light that moves up down and left right.  These beauties are made in Italy.