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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tri Lite / Tripp Lite Mark XII Beacon

The big daddy is here! This is a Tri Lite / Tripp Lite Mark XII rotating beacon. Unit has 2 GE 4435 PAR 46, 12 Volt 35 watt lamps (can be upgraded to 50 or 100 watt lamps if transformer is upgraded * NOTE Dome Could Melt if Running for Long Periods of Time With Upgraded Lamps!!).  The lamps rotate at about 40 - 45 RPM. I plan on placing some gels inside the dome for an extra cool effect! Very cool light! Unit made in Chicago, IL here in the US.

Diversitronics PS4-50 Programmable Strobe Sequencer

A very cool unit made to control the Diversitronics S-50 strobe units. This unit will control 4 channels of S-50 strobe units. You can pull up programs from the wheels on the top Right of the unit. There are also 4 manual keys on the bottom right for momentary bursts on any of the 4 channels. On the left of the unit there are 2 faders. 1 of them is for the intensity of the strobes and the other is for the rate (speed) of the flashes. There is a remote control input as well as an in and out for cascade, but I do not know what those do. Unit made in the US.

DJ USA Bliss II DJA-404

Very cool unit by DJ USA. Unit was distributed by NESS here in the US. Unit has a large gobo / dichoric wheel with 16 different positions on it. The gobos can be selected by the 3 position switch on the rear of the unit. Position 1 (left) is auto where it automatically changes every 5 - 10 seconds, but only when the mirror dish inside is rotating. Position 2 (middle) is what ever gobo is chosen stays on that pattern. Position 3 (right) is used to manually select gobos. There is also a 1/4" connection for a remote. With the remote you can choose the gobo away from the unit. The microphone on the rear of the unit is used to control the internal rotating mirror dish which moves to the beat of the music. The light source is 1 - 120 volt, 250 watt ENH bulb. This light is very similar to the Martin Voyager unit. Unit made in China.

NESS Bliss II Video

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Abstract Lighting Megastar

Super rare unit from Abstract. This unit was a prototype that I purchased from a lighting company that received it as a sample for possible distribution for here in the US. This might be the only unit ever produced for 110 volt usage, or at least one of only a few?? Unit has a 12 volt, 100 watt EVA bulb inside and requires no fan since the bulb power is low. There is a rotating dichoric mirror dish inside that shoots the beams through a convex lens and on to a scanning mirror dish that moves 90 degrees. The unit can be operated in 3 different modes via a switch at the top of the unit where the scanning mirror is located. Mode 1 is the dichoric dish and mirror responding to the beat of the music, mode 2 is the dichoric dish rotating constantly and the mirror scanning to the beat of the music and mode 3 is the dichoric dish not moving at all and the mirror rotating to the beat of the music. Unit made in England.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sapro Light Flower

This is the second of 2 huge original moonflowers I have acquired. This is a classic Sapro Light Flower. Unit outputs a large moonflower cluster because of the over sized mirror dish. In addition the unit has a large rotating color wheel on the front the rotates at a constant slow speed. This unit is very similar to the Sapro Sound Flower, but a bit larger and heavier. The difference is this unit adds shock springs to the motor assembly attached to the mirror dish assembly adding an extra shaking effect for the output. This unit has been modified from its original electrical factory settings, but is great now! The internal transformer was swapped out so the unit would run on 110 instead of 220 volts. Currently this unit is operating via 0 - 10 volt control, but a simple animator board will be installed so the large mirror dish will rotate to the beat of the music. The bulb installed is a 36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamp. The unit uses 3 motors. 1 for the rotating color wheel, 1 for the rotating mirror dish and 1 for the cooling fan. Unit made in France. Action pictures coming soon!

2 Head PAR 36 Beacon's

What classic club didn't have a set of these in it? This is a set of 3 classic 2 head light beacons. Originally used for emergency vehicles and usually called police lights, these type of fixtures made their way into clubs in the 70's and faded out in the late 80's. The newer versions of these style lights use a rotating reflector instead of rotating bulbs. This made a poor effect as far as I am concerned. The newest version uses LED's that chase around the dome for the effect. The set here was produced by North American Signal for industrial purposes, but I acquired them for visual effects! The lamps inside are 12.8 volt, 30 watt - 4416-1 bulbs. The bulbs rotate at about 30 RPM. Units are made in the U.S.