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Sunday, January 31, 2010

DJ USA Imaginator

Cool effect light and powerful. This is the DJ USA Imaginator. Unit is similar to the American DJ Charisma, but higher quality. This is another light sold under NESS lighting. DJ USA is another brand along with Show Pro and others sold from the US based company. Light features 2 - ENH 120 volt, 250 watt lamps. The light goes through a first set of lenses then through a set of rotating gobos. From the gobos through another set of lenses then onto a set of rotating 4 dichoric colored mirrors. The mirrors rotate to the beat of the music via the internal microphone. The gobos rotate at a constant medium speed, they are not reactive to the sound. Unit uses 6 motors. 2 motors for the rotation of the 2 gobos, 2 motors for the rotation of the dichoric mirrors and 2 for the fans. Unit made from DJ USA..but unit manufactured in China.

DJ USA Imaginator Video

PSL Programmi Sistemi Luce Janus Light

This is a PSL Janus light. Made in Italy.  This is a very unique unit. The output is two large bars of colored light. The light beam shoots through a large gobo wheel then reflect off of 10 dichoric multi-color glass reflectors finally reflect out of the 2 lenses on the front of the unit. Beams change patterns via the large rotating gobo wheel (20 gobos total). fixture uses 2 standard 64514 - 120 volt, 300 watt lamps. Unit has 4 motors. 1 for the large gobo wheel & 2 for the rotating dichoric mirrors & 1 for the fan. Light has 1 circuit for control. Optional remote control (model W395) is available but I do not have it. Unit has 2 knobs on the front of the unit. 1 controls the rate of change for the gobos and the other controls the microphone sensitivity. Dichoric color mirror motors are sound active via an internal microphone. Unit made in Italy.

Programmi Sistemi Luce Janus Video

Diversitronics Luma-Power Model 50 Strobes With Controller

These are the classic bad boys. Diversitronics Model 50 high power strobe lights. Each unit has a Phillips 750 watt linear xenon tube inside. The one problem with these units is that you have to have a Diversitronics controller to make them work. The new Diversitronics strobes now have DMX, but back in the day it was not available. The controller with these is a RC4S-50 which will control each strobe independently, together and alternating. Functions include: Intensity, Rate, Flash & Burst. Units connect through a 4 pin XLR cable. Most people changed them to 3 pin XLR since only 3 of the 4 pins are used as well as you don't have to keep additional special cables around. Fixtures are fan cooled and draw an amazing 15 amps at 115 volts!! Units are made in the United States.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Show Pro Gusto

This cool unit is a Show Pro Gusto. Unit is similar to the Martin Robozap. This unit uses 2 ENH 250 watt, 120 volt bulbs. 1 on each side of the fixture. The light is projected through 1 of 5 selectable gobos (including open), through a lens and onto a multi-color mirror drum. Gobos have to manually be selected on the rear of the unit. Light has 2 adjustable knobs which you can see where the mirror drum is. 1 controls the speed of the drum and 1 controls the sensitivity of the internal microphone. Unit has 3 motors. 1 for the mirror drum and 2 for the fans. There is an optional controller that I do not have, but looking for. If anyone knows where one is please contact me. Show Pro is one of the brands manufactured and sold by NESS which is now out of business. Unit is made in the United States.

Martin Adventurer

This is a Martin Adventurer. Unit has a revolving metal wheel with multiple circles of different sizes cut into it. Light passes through the wheel then bounces off of a rotating dichoric multi-color mirrored dish and projects out of the front of the unit. Unit is sound active via internal microphone. Light uses an EFP 12 volt, 100 watt bulb. Fixture has 2 motors. 1 motor for the metal wheel with the holes in it & 1 motor for the multi-color mirror dish. No fan used in this unit since it only has a 100 watt bulb. Light made in Denmark.