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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Teclumen / EasyLight Sector Light 400SA

Super unique lighting effect from Teclumen / EasyLight.  This is the Sector Light 400SA unit.  From the exterior the light unit looks like a common derby unit but produces an interesting effect.  9 pure white beams are projected from the unit as 'Fingers' of light that can be used as an accent or powerful effect such as a strobe.  Very similar to a Clay Paky Atlas unit but the douser moves up and down instead of side to side.  The light source is a 54 volt, 400 watt Phillips Short Arc lamp that creates a powerful pure white beam.  The lamp is housed in the rear of the unit and mounted in front of the lamp is a shutter.  This shutter acts as a blackout douser and also a strobe effect.  The douser / shutter is operated from a standard stepper motor.  Control is 0 - 10 volt analogue, dedicated controller or sound active from the on board microphone / sound trigger circuit.  Unit is built very well and has considerable weight.  Multiple units can be linked together for synchronized operation.  Dip switches on the rear are used for personality assignment.  Fixture made in Italy. 

Monday, October 21, 2019

Programmi Sistemi Luce (PSL) Shining Moonflower Units

Great Classic moonflower units from Programmi Sistemi Luce.  These are the Shining units that are very similar to the Martin Rainbow 2 fixtures.  They have the same 'Rainbow' dichoric colors and tunnel style effect.  These fixtures use a common 24 volt, 150 watt FCS capsule bulb as the light source.  The units dichoric dishes rotate to the beat of the music via sound trigger microphone and adjustable sensitivity adjustment knob on the rear of the units.  Simple, yet very effective units made in Italy.