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Friday, January 29, 2010

Martin Punnisher X250

This is a Martin Punnisher X250 light. Light beam projects through a motorized gobo / dichoric color wheel onto a mirrored dish. Light bounces off of the mirror dish through an adjustable lens then out of the unit. Unit is similar to the Destroyer X250 but adds an extra motor on the rear of the mirror dish assembly. This makes the mirror shake and vibrate for an extra dimension of motion. Fixture uses a 250 watt, 24 volt ELC lamp. This is a USA version so it is wired for 115 volts. Light is 1 circuit and has 4 motors. 1 stepping motor for the gobo / dichoric color wheel, 1 stepping motor to rotate the mirror dish, 1 for mirror vibration and 1 motor for the fan. The Destroyer can run independently via an internal microphone to trigger the motion, unit can be linked together with other Destroyer units via 3 pin XLR cable (all units will respond the same), unit can be controlled with Martin controllers such as the MC-1 or unit can be controlled DMX 512 (1 or 6 channels depending on what mode you choose). Light made in Denmark.

Martin Punisher X250Video