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Friday, January 29, 2010

Coemar Venus M 4 MSR 400

Truly one of the best and most sought after classic effects. This is a Coemar Venus M 4. This is an M 4 model which means it has 4 different rotation motors. Coemar manufactured M 3, M 2 and standard units. M 4 was the biggest. This one is not working properly so currently it is taking up my dining room...I switched out the base and bulb and upgraded it to an MSR 400 arc discharge lamp. Unit has a dedicated 19" rack mount controller which controls all of the different motors that move the large 'saucer' where the beams are projected from. Unit has 5 motors. 1 for the dichoric color wheel inside the saucer, 1 motor to rotate the saucer, 1 motor which moves the whole head back and forth 90 degrees, 1 motor at the base which moves the entire unit 360 degrees & 1 for the cooling fan. Unit operates on 220 volt and is very heavy!! More pictures to come during the rehab. Unit made in Italy.