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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diversitronics Luma-Power Model 50 Strobes With Controller

These are the classic bad boys. Diversitronics Model 50 high power strobe lights. Each unit has a Phillips 750 watt linear xenon tube inside. The one problem with these units is that you have to have a Diversitronics controller to make them work. The new Diversitronics strobes now have DMX, but back in the day it was not available. The controller with these is a RC4S-50 which will control each strobe independently, together and alternating. Functions include: Intensity, Rate, Flash & Burst. Units connect through a 4 pin XLR cable. Most people changed them to 3 pin XLR since only 3 of the 4 pins are used as well as you don't have to keep additional special cables around. Fixtures are fan cooled and draw an amazing 15 amps at 115 volts!! Units are made in the United States.