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Friday, January 29, 2010

American DJ Full Moon & Full Moon 3

This is a very unique moonflower light from American DJ. I have a few lights from them, but only the old ones from many years back are worth mentioning. At one time they sold some pretty cool stuff. Unit is very rugged and heavy. Fixture has 1 - 24 volt, 250 watt bulb placed in front of a set of mirror dishes that rotate opposite directions from each. Light is sound active via the internal microphone. The effect is a white tunnel on the outside and a multi-color tunnel on the inside. Unit has 3 motors. 1 motor for each mirror dish (2 total) & 1 for the fan. Unit made in Taiwan.

06/15/2010 Update!! Full Moon 3 just arrived! Just as heavy and bulky as the regular full moon, but a little more modern design. Unit has a safety grill in front of the large convex lens. I guess people were breaking them on the first version and they improved the unit. Also the glass mirrors are square now instead of the round ones on the first version.

Original "older style" unit