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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Martin Centrepiece HMI 1200

Video of Martin Centrepiece HMI 1200 in Action!!

Truly an awesome unit! This is a Martin Centrepiece HMI 1200 light. Unit has a single HMI 1200 discharge arc lamp in the center of the unit. Unit projects 8 super bright beams out of the bottom of the unit that move independently and respond to the programing. Beams move in and out sometimes bouncing off of the rotating drum. Unit has 12 motors; 8 stepping motors for the beam movement, 1 for the color wheel, 1 for the mirror drum and 2 for the fans. Unit can be controlled 3 different ways. 1. pre-programed sequences. 2. Sound active via the internal microphone 3. an external controller. The light runs on Martin Light protocol but can be controlled by DMX is the optional Martin Interface is used (shown in one of the pictures). This light can run on 115 - 230 volts, 50 or 60 Hz. with the switchable transformer contact leads. Unit is heavy (Around 90 - 95lbs. unpacked) Circa 1991 - 1994 Light made in Denmark.