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Sunday, January 31, 2010

DJ USA Imaginator

Cool effect light and powerful. This is the DJ USA Imaginator. Unit is similar to the American DJ Charisma, but higher quality. This is another light sold under NESS lighting. DJ USA is another brand along with Show Pro and others sold from the US based company. Light features 2 - ENH 120 volt, 250 watt lamps. The light goes through a first set of lenses then through a set of rotating gobos. From the gobos through another set of lenses then onto a set of rotating 4 dichoric colored mirrors. The mirrors rotate to the beat of the music via the internal microphone. The gobos rotate at a constant medium speed, they are not reactive to the sound. Unit uses 6 motors. 2 motors for the rotation of the 2 gobos, 2 motors for the rotation of the dichoric mirrors and 2 for the fans. Unit made from DJ USA..but unit manufactured in China.

DJ USA Imaginator Video