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Friday, January 29, 2010

La Novalight Revolution 575

This is a La Novalight Revolution 575 special effect projector. Truly a unique and powerful unit. Unit has a 575 watt arc discharge bulb which projects through a large lens then through one of seven unique rotating gobos. Gobos are on a large rotating carousel that once stopped, the gobo in front of the lens rotates on a special motor. The motor rotates the gobo at different speeds in 2 directions back and forth. After the gobo the light beam goes through a rotating mirrored rectangle tube which spins the beam. After the tube there is a douser for the blackout function as well as 3 colored dichoric lenses that are independent of each other (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta respectively). Finally the beam goes through one last Plano convex mirror on the front of the unit. This unit is very large and heavy! Unit uses 1 220 volt circuit. There are 2 ways to control the unit. Unit has an internal microphone where the music beat triggers the internal programs to respond accordingly. The other way is the mini-box controller which has functions for slow, fast, mix & blackout. There are a total of 9 motors on this unit. 1 fan for the blackout douser, 1 for each dichorc color filter (3 total), 2 motors to rotate the rectangle mirror tube, 1 motor for the gobo rotator, 1 motor used to rotate the large carousel and 1 motor for the cooling fan. Unit made in Italy.