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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coemar Piovra

This is a Coemar Piovra that was upgraded to MSR 400. Truly a classic and special light. Unit has 19 motors. 16 Motors on the perimeter of the unit that move in different directions with adjustable mirrors on them, 1 motor for the internal color wheel and 2 motors for the fans. Unit consists of 2 parts; 1 is the main 'head' where the light projects out of and the other part is the power supply / ballast unit. There is a 16 pin cable that connects the two units together. There is a main power supply cable that connects the power supply / ballast to the main power of the building as well (220 Volt). Unit is sound active via an internal microphone and has an adjustment knob on the power supply / ballast unit. Unit had an optional 19" rack mount on / off switch which allowed the fan to run after the power was turned off from the lamp, but this unit did not come with it. I provided a picture of it from the Coemar brochure. Light made in Italy.