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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rotolite D-12 Large Helicopter With D-3 Combo

Another treasure form Rotolite. This is the D-12 helicopter. The helicopter is similar to other Rotolite helicopters except the transformers for the bulbs are mounded under the main rotation base instead of on the bulb housing yolk. Also the main rotator base is made out of steel instead of the wooden bases used in the smaller helicopters. A larger motor is used with a interesting "Slip" configuration where the motor spins at a constant speed and the base takes a few seconds to catch up to the motor speed. I believe this is due to the high weight of all of the lamps and transformers rotating that when the motor is shut off the weight is still in motion. This lets the unit slow down gradually. Another interesting feature is that there is a place where you can attach another smaller Rotolite base and helicopter. I attached a Rotolite D-3 in the center of this one. Since there is only 2 circuits the lamps and additional helicopter run at the same time and the main motor runs on a separate circuit. Awesome unit made here in the USA!