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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Odyssey Flashbang Unit (Modified)

Interesting unit from Odyssey. This is the Flashbang unit which I have modified. When I received this unit it had a couple of issues. The main PCB had a couple of bad capacitors and cracks. Also it was missing one of the strobe tubes along with the special plug that holds the strobe tube in the socket. Since this unit has not been made in several years and parts are no longer available I modified it to work as 2 moving spot beams instead of a dual strobe unit. I removed the original circuitry and adapted the existing wiring for halogen lamps instead of the xenon strobe tubes. I chose 12 volt, 100 watt FCS lamps for the light source so I added a standard 12 volt power supply. I also wired in 2 new lamp sockets where the strobes used to be located. The output is 2 white beams that tumble and spin very fast. I also added a separate 12 volt power supply for the rotation motor so it can be controlled independently from the lamps. Unit made in China.