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Monday, April 30, 2012

LED Lighting Dancer Effect Unit

A very rare unit from LED. This is the Dancer scanning unit. This unit has been modified from original operation. The original unit was 220 volt with a 24 volt, 250 lamp. When I received this unit the control circuits were removed since they fried. The previous owner tried modifying it with timers, relays and sensors but had no success. I stripped down all of the modifications and made it work to my standards. First I removed the bulky transformer for the lamp and decided to use a common EHJ 120 volt, 250 watt lamp. Then I added a 12 volt step down transformer for the rotation motors. Since there is no animation board in the unit it runs at a constant speed. The 3 motors (made by Micro Motors) make a very cool effect when running all together. The motors run a large color wheel, a mirror rotation motor and a scan motor. The light emits from the lamp, through a interchangeable gobo, through a focusable lens, through the rotating color wheel then onto the rotating and scanning mirror. Currently I am using this unit to project onto a mirror ball creating an awesome effect! Unit is fan cooled and made in Italy.