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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nisel Music Flash Unit M2 Edition

This is a very rare Nisel Music Flash M2 Unit. There were a couple of different versions and this one is the best! The M1 unit was similar looking, but had a more squared looking head and did not have a rotating front assembly. It just moved from side to side. M1 = 1 motor, M2 = 2 Motors. It is a very unique piece of lighting equipment. The unit features a front head and a rear power supply/control unit. The rear unit houses a large transformer for the 24 volt, 250 watt lamp as well as 2 smaller transformers for the rotation motors. It also holds the motor that rotates the entire head assembly. An interesting note about the sound activated motor in the rear unit is that it is made by Ducellier, which is a French automotive parts manufacturer. This makes me believe that it is an actual windshield wiper motor. Interesting choice!! The head of the unit features a sound active rotation motor that spins the ring of lenses making a UFO type effect. The lenses are plastic and clear, but can be gelled for a colored effect. The head features a hinged door on each side allowing access on one side to the belt that spins the head and a door on the opposite side for access to the lamp, sound PCB board and cooling fan. When the unit operating it makes an awesome UFO/Scanner effect. The unit is a bit damaged on the exterior from shipping, but works great! Refurbishment on the unit will be soon! Unique unit made in Italy.