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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pulsar Rainbow Strobe System With Jumbo Strobes

The original club strobe system circa 1979!! This is the Rainbow Strobe system from Pulsar. The system consists of 4 separate strobe heads (In this case Pulsar Jumbo Strobe units) and a controller. The strobes connect to the controller through a 1/4" mono cable. Each strobe uses a 60 watt xenon tube and for such low power it packs a mean punch! The strobes are in the original orange paint, but the newer units prom Pulsar are now black. The front lenses are plexi and the rear of the unit has a power switch and speed adjustment knob if you want to use the strobes without the controller. The controller features 4 separate channels. Each channel can be controlled independently or the strobes can be linked together for simultaneously with the selection knob on each channel. There is a master speed knob and selector for the audio (connected in the rear through a 1/4" cable) or manual control.  Any 0 - 10 volt strobe can be used with the controller.  Great system made in England.